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BDSM Pornstar Elise Graves

American BDSM pornstar Elise Graves took the journey to Europe for sessions with the masters of The Pain Files. It was a painful trip for the masochist that she wont soon forget and will...

Isabel Deans Punishment Cell

Amateur fetish model Isabel Dean spent a day in the punishment cell at … a lot of interesting, emotional and hard BDSM action came of it PS: To those asking -> Yes, chaperones...

Mei Mara at ThePainFiles

Asian (well Polynese) slave girl Mei Mara crossed the pond to Europe to experience BDSM sessions with She has previously been seen on Brutalmaster, Infernal Restraints, Insex, Hogtied and many more American based...

Honesty Cabelleros BDSM Debut

Honesty Cabellero enters the world of BDSM for the first time with a bondage and domination session that took her right to the edge of her pain threshold with The Pain Files.

Amateur BDSM Shoot: Andrea

Delightful amateur BDSM model Andrea was in the hands of Mistress Jay for a strict discipline and punishment training session at The result was plenty of pain, attitude correction and tears.

Amber West Whipped

Sexy blonde Amber West spent the day at The Pain Files strung up in the dungeon for a session of flogging, whipping and lesbian domination with Mistress Jay. Amber West is not a natural...

Emily Sharpe Medical Fetish

A severely kinky medical fetish shoot with Emily Sharpe (aka Emily X) was concluded for with plenty of moans, groans, screams and tears – and a single orgasm for the extreme fetish model.

Mistress Sascha Switching

Mistress Sascha is normally a stern and merciless femdom. But. She had a desire to try switching. Her wish is our command, sort of. A day of bondage, humiliation and relative light BDSM was...

Curious Kamis Test

Curious Kami wanted to be a BDSM model. She applied right here. We debated her debut and she came to the shoot full of anticipation. It ended up as an intense day of exploring...

Kumimonster in Bondage

Delightful Asian fetish model Kumimonster visited Shadow Slaves for sessions in the lighter end of BDSM – but with plenty of artistic and challenging bondage, domination and bizarre humiliation sessions